East Texas Theft Lawyers

We have more than 30 years of experience that we are ready to put to work for you. At the law firm of Bain, Files, Jarrett & Harrison, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you get through property crime charges. We understand the severity of the theft charges against you, and understand how to fight them.

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At Bain, Files, Jarrett & Harrison, our lawyers are available to defend against all property crime charges, including:

  • Theft (Class A Theft, Class B Theft, or Class C Theft)
  • Retail Theft (Shoplifting)
  • Burglary of Vehicle
  • Burglary of Building
  • Burglary of Habitation
  • Theft of Firearm
  • Theft of Property
  • Robbery and Armed Robbery
  • Bank Fraud

We provide state criminal defense and federal criminal defense against all felony and misdemeanor theft charges. Our attorneys are available to represent people in Tyler, all of East Texas and the surrounding region, including Nacogdoches, Marshall, Lufkin, Texarkana, and Plano.

In theft cases, the level of the offense is typically based on the amount stolen. We are available to defend against any level of theft charge. Our experienced criminal law attorneys are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our legal achievements range from a variety of awards and honors (Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by the Criminal Defense Section of the State Bar of Texas being one) to the authorship of articles targeted toward enhancing the knowledge of our peers. Let us show you the experience and knowledge behind our achievements.

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