Fighting to Recover Unlawfully Seized Vehicles and Cash

Did police or government agents take your property during an arrest? This practice has existed for decades in Texas, and most people are shocked to learn how much power the authorities have. Asset seizure and forfeiture laws favor the government heavily. Essentially, if they argue that your property was somehow connected to illegal acts, the burden to prove otherwise falls squarely on you.

What property can police or federal agents lawfully seize? What justification do they need? What are your rights in this devastating situation – when you need both criminal defense and action to recover your valuable assets? At Files Harrison P.C., our lawyers have answers. More importantly, we know exactly what actions to pursue for our clients.

Decades of Experience Representing Citizens Accused of Drug Crimes and Financial Crimes

Most asset seizures occur in drug cases and white collar criminal investigations. However, authorities also sometimes seize and claim property in connection with arrests for other felonies, including DWI and computer crimes. Rapid action to challenge the seizure and forfeiture is critical. All too often, accused individuals wait too long to seek counsel and lose their property permanently.

Turn To Our Board-Certified Criminal Defense Specialists

At our Tyler law firm, you will work with attorneys who know criminal forfeiture and seizure laws in detail. Attorneys Buck Files and Brett Harrison work as a team to protect the rights of our clients in state and federal courts throughout East Texas. Both have impeccable credentials and reputations. Both are former prosecutors. You can count on your lawyers to:

  • Investigate every nuance of your case in order to develop the most effective strategies
  • Evaluate whether your constitutional rights were violated during the arrest and property seizure
  • Determine whether we can prove you are an innocent owner who was not directly involved in the commission of a felony
  • Hold the police or federal agency accountable under all applicable laws, including procedural details involving the notice of forfeiture

We Do Everything Possible to Recover Your Property

We help those who have had property seized recover what is theirs. Our experience covers the spectrum of seizures and forfeiture actions involving:

  • Cash
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Boats
  • Guns
  • Real estate
  • Computer equipment

Your Firm for Complex Legal Problems in East Texas

At Files Harrison P.C., in Tyler, we will handle every aspect of your criminal defense and take action to recover your property. Our legal team is renowned for achieving successful outcomes in both state and U.S. district courts. Clients come to us from a broad region: Paris to Beaumont, Canton to Marshall and all points between.

We want to know what happened and find the best path to resolution for you. To schedule your free case evaluation, call 903-730-6287, toll free at 888-250-2634 or contact us online now.

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