Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity: A Serious Felony Charge in Texas

When a group of people works together to commit a criminal offense, the authorities often file multiple charges, including engaging in organized criminal activity (EOCA). If you are facing such a charge – or an investigation could lead to EOCA allegations – you need immediate legal counsel. It is critical to speak with an experienced defense lawyer prepared to represent you in federal or state court. Recognize that:

  • If you are accused of participating in any type of criminal conspiracy, conviction could mean a longer jail or prison sentence and other consequences far more serious than if you acted alone.
  • You don’t have to be a member of an infamous gang to be charged with organized crime in Texas.
  • You don’t even have to know the other people accused of your crimes to be charged with this offense.
  • Many investigations into criminal conspiracies lead to federal felony charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) and other U.S. statutes.

Complex Allegations Demand a Proven, Resourceful Criminal Defense Team

At Files Harrison P. C., in Tyler, we have been representing people accused of serious crimes across East Texas since 1976. Attorneys Buck Files and Brett Harrison are both board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Both are former prosecutors with vast experience contesting organized crime charges, including those arising from:

  • Drug crimes, including allegations of distribution, transport, cultivation, manufacture
  • Violent crimes including murder
  • Theft rings, “chop shops” or other alleged gang-related activity
  • Embezzlement, fraud and other white collar financial crimes, often perpetrated via the Internet

Act Immediately to Protect Your Freedom and Future

Please do not give information to law enforcement or federal agents if you are arrested or under investigation. Instead, get in touch with an attorney at Files Harrison P.C., as soon as possible. We have the depth of knowledge required to build the best possible defense against serious federal or state felony charges.

RICO and EOCA cases are familiar territory for our defense team. To request your free initial consultation, call 903-730-6287, toll free at 888-250-2634 or simply contact us online. We have bilingual staff members to assist Spanish-speaking clients.

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