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If you have been involved in the criminal justice system previously, there is a paper trail that will show any arrests or convictions. With more and more public records going online all the time, it has become very easy for even unsophisticated individuals to be able to access records that most people would prefer to remain private.

The difficulty that can be created by this level of accessibility is that potential employers, schools and landlords can easily uncover a criminal record. This is likely to include arrests as well as convictions.

At Files Harrison P.C., our Tyler non-disclosure and expunction attorneys have been helping people to minimize the impact of past indiscretions since 1976. We are dedicated to helping our clients lead productive lives without the interference or hindrance of a criminal record.

A Completely Clean Criminal Record is Key

If you were charged with a crime, you may have been offered some sort of alternative sentencing such as Deferred Adjudication Probation. You were informed that if you successfully completed the program, your case would be dismissed.

But, there are still records that are likely to exist, even after a dismissed charge, and the court must order that the records be purged.

We are also able to assist clients with pursuing expunctions. An expunction is a way to seal records when you have not been prosecuted or there has been no judicial ruling on your case, as might occur if the statute of limitations ran out on the charges you were facing.

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