Tyler, Texas, Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers

Has your child been accused of a juvenile crime? We recommend that you obtain the advice of an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney as soon as possible. At the law firm of Files Harrison P.C., we have significant experience handling juvenile court and delinquency matters. We are ready to put our experience to work defending the rights of your child.

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At Files Harrison P.C., our lawyers are available to handle juvenile court matters throughout East Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin.

We are available to stand up for your child against accusations of any juvenile crime, including:

  • Drug Offenses (drug possession, drug sale, drug manufacturing, or possession of drug paraphernalia)
  • Theft (shoplifting, retail theft, or car theft)
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Sex Crimes (sexual assault, rape, date rape, or statutory rape)
  • DWI/DUI (drunk driving)
  • Alcohol-Related Offenses (minor in possession, fake identification)
  • Vandalism/Graffiti
  • Truancy, School Suspensions, and Expulsion Hearings

In the Texas juvenile justice system, your child could face the possibility of having their case transferred to adult court, where the consequences can be much more severe. To do so, your child may go through a certification hearing to determine if they can be tried as an adult. We can defend your child in these hearings, because keeping the case in the juvenile court system can be extremely important. Juvenile court proceedings are confidential and non-public. Instead of having a criminal conviction on his or her record, your child’s record will only show a juvenile adjudication. Instead of jail time, your child may face counseling and rehabilitative assistance.

One example of the benefits of keeping a charge in the juvenile court system involves charges of sex crimes. It is not unusual for a case of sex between teenagers to turn into criminal sex charges. If a sex charge stays in the juvenile system, the court has the option to entirely excuse the charge, defer sex offender registration pending counseling, or make the proceedings non-public. However, if the case is bumped up to adult court and your child is convicted, your child could be branded as a registered sex offender for life. The consequences of having a criminal record could also bar your child from holding certain jobs, enlisting in the military, or being admitted to certain colleges or universities.

Our criminal defense attorneys are Board Certified in Criminal Law. Additionally, one of our lawyers is Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which is your assurance we have met stringent guidelines of competency and experience. Only 56 Texas lawyers are Board Certified in Juvenile Law. One of the few will be on your side.

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