Discreet, Aggressive Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

Have you been arrested for embezzling money or other assets? Do you believe that you are under suspicion and an investigation is underway? In either situation, there is not time to lose. You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is capable of providing an effective defense and who recognizes the importance of discretion.

Do Not Take A Wait-And-See Approach in Your White Collar Case

Whether you are innocent or vulnerable to prosecution, now is not the time to take chances with your future. At Files Harrison P.C. in Tyler, Texas, our Tyler attorneys have been delivering effective criminal defense since 1976. We will step in immediately to advise you of your rights and begin building your defense against allegations that you misappropriated funds or stole other assets.

Criminal defense lawyers Buck Files and Brett Harrison are board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Both are former prosecutors who are highly regarded in federal and state courts throughout East Texas. Our defense team’s experience covers many cases of alleged employee theft, various forms of fraud and other financial felonies that carry stiff, far-reaching consequences.

Our Lawyers Understand All That You Have on the Line

Our criminal defense attorneys know what is at stake for our clients. We will begin working during any ongoing investigation to prevent an indictment if possible. Whether you are under investigation for financial matters related to a private business, corporation, or a government agency or office, we will strive to resolve your problems quickly and effectively. Strategies and tactics we use in embezzlement cases include:

  • Deploying our own investigators to uncover facts and circumstances useful in your defense
  • Negotiating for financial restitution as an alternative to conviction and sentencing
  • Presenting evidence of our clients’ pressures and personal difficulties, often persuading the court to recognize a need for treatment of addiction, depression or other problems

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We welcome client inquiries and referrals from a broad area surrounding Smith County, Texas, including many from Gregg, Anderson, Cherokee, Rusk, Henderson and Van Zandt counties. For the utmost in legal counsel and discretion, simply call 903-730-6287, toll free at 888-250-2634 or contact us online right now.

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