Make No Mistake: A Sex Crime Conviction Can Damage Every Part of Your Life

Have you been arrested for possession of child pornography? Has local law enforcement or a federal agent contacted you about an investigation into your online activities? Whether you made a mistake or someone else did, you must face certain facts immediately:

  • Simply having or viewing certain types of sexual images violates both Texas and federal laws.
  • The case against you could be brought in either a state court or U.S. district court.
  • Penalties can include a prison sentence of ten years or more and lifetime registration as a sex offender.
  • Simply being accused of a sex offense can adversely impact your career and reputation in profound ways.
  • Under a recently passed federal law, you could be ordered to pay restitution to a child whose image was exploited.

Get Counsel Right Away From a Knowledgeable Defense Attorney

Police, state law enforcement and federal agencies including the FBI now pursue child pornography cases aggressively. Internet sting operations are common. Authorities take tips from co-workers, estranged family members and others seriously. You must act quickly to protect your rights and future.

We Will Listen to Your Story and Work Relentlessly for the Best Outcome.

At Files Harrison P.C. in Tyler, Texas, our attorneys put decades of federal and state criminal defense experience to work for our clients. We will hear you out and provide sound counsel in your best interests, recognizing that:

  • You may have received child pornography or downloaded illegal content from the Internet unintentionally.
  • Someone else may have accessed your computer and viewed or stored illegal pornography on it without your knowledge.
  • You could face other charges based on your alleged Internet activities, such as solicitation of a minor in a chat room.
  • Whatever the precise circumstances of your case, you deserve quality representation and protection of all your constitutional rights.

Put Our Lawyers’ Knowledge and Experience to Work for You

Attorneys F. R. “Buck” Files, Jr. and J. Brett Harrison have impeccable credentials and reputations in courts throughout East Texas. Both are board-certified in criminal law the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and attorney Jennifer Garrett Deen is board-certified in juvenile law. These certifications signify the levels of experience, skill and advocacy each client can rely upon at our longstanding law firm.
If you are falsely accused of possessing child porn or committing some other sex offense, we will strive to prove exactly that. If your home was searched without probable cause, we will expose that violation. If you want treatment and rehabilitation, we will work to help you get it.
Our work together can begin with a free initial consultation. Simply call 903-730-6287, toll free at 888-250-2634 or contact us online without delay. If you communicate best in Spanish, just let us know.

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