Outstanding man of integrity.

Mr. Files assisted me with a probation violation sometime last year. I can't find the words to explain what an amazing experience it was in detail; I was literally brought to tears by how grateful I was for my experience with Mr. Files and Kimberly. His concern for my well-being was coupled by prompt action and a fair price for his representation. Highly recommended. I feel like he is part of our family now, just from a minimal interaction with him... that's the kind of impression he left with me. Great lawyer.

Absolute best in Smith County

Buck listened, understood, and cared about who I am and where I was coming from that led me into the Smith County Justice System. I couldn't have asked for a better team to represent me... or a better outcome. I feel fortunate that I was able to have them working to protect me and will be forever grateful for all their hard work and for the results won by it.

Extremely grateful

We hired Brett Harrison and his paralegal Carrie Hall to represent our foster son for a felony offense that he was arrested for prior to coming into our care. There were many extenuating circumstances surrounding the arrest. Mr. Harrison took time to truly understand and communicate to the DA all mitigating factors. This resulted in the DA declining the case. While our son's was not a high profile or high revenue generating case for Bain, Files, Jarrett and Harrison PC, we never received anything less than their full attention. We will forever be grateful for the outcome of this case, as it allows our son to continue his path to college and future success.

Lawyer Recommendation

Mr Harrison is amazing. When he accepted my case he identified what all he needed to do to get the best outcome for me. Not only did he get me a very fair sentence he got me the help I needed to overcome some serious obstacles such as addiction. I have no idea where I would be today without his advice. He saw the big picture when I couldn't see it. I highly recommend him.

Amazing Lawyer

You know most people make jokes about lawyers and how much they are disliked. I never thought my family would need a lawyer, but we did. I cannot thank and praise Brett and his team enough. They took a personal interest in our case. They have a good working relationship with the DA and are well respected among their colleagues and the judges. He knew his game plan and communicated that well with all the witnesses. His assistant, Carrie, went above and beyond and I cannot thank her enough. I hope I never have to be in a situation again that I would need a lawyer, but if I do then I know exactly who I am calling. Seriously one of the best in Texas.

Amazing legal team!

I hired Mr. Harrison and Mr. Files to represent me in a very complex case. They were referred by another attorney from a neighboring county. That spoke for itself knowing there credibility with other colleagues. When you hire Mr. Harrison you will have a very strong team that includes "Buck" Files along with paralegal's Kimberly and Carrie who are extremely experienced, knowledgeable and helpful along the way. From my first to my last meeting I was treated with the utmost respect and truly felt they were doing everything possible to get the deserved results. 72 hours before a scheduled court hearing Brett and his team made me aware that my case was being dismissed! ACTIONS speak louder than words, do your research before selecting a legal team that has control over your life. I can't say enough about the honest & fair representation I received from Mr. Harrison and his legal team. I highly recommend them.

Smith County District Court Judge

Smith County District Court Judge said of Brett Harrison: "Your lawyer's done, I guess, what I'd call a superb job of getting the State to reduce a second-degree felony drug of that level of quantity down to – for some reason – a state jail level. So your exposure – your maximum exposure has been reduced to what would have been your minimum exposure before."

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