Dear Mr. Brett Harrison

Thank you for taking my case and representing me these past months. And a special Thank You for Winning!! I am very grateful to you and your staff for your excellent professional work.

I was charged with a dwi (2nd), and I hired Brett Harrison and Buck Files. A week before my trial date, I received a call from their office, informing me that they were able to get my case dropped. This is a very effective team of lawyers and staff that worked fervently for long hours to get my life back in order. They were very informative and made sure I was kept up to real time in my case proceedings. I'd like to thank Mr. Harrison and Mr. Files for their hard work. I'd also like to thank Mrs. Tammye Mayfield, CP, for her patience and her ability to keep me in the loop, despite my intellectual misgivings.


Mr. Harrison recently represented me for a case in Smith County, and I couldn't be more thankful for his service. I felt educated, well represented, and secure in every decision made throughout the trial. He and his assistant, Kimberly Thedford, went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the best possible outcome for my charge and personal well-being. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of representation for legal advice and personal growth.

Not Just A Lawyer; Also A Counselor

We could not be more pleased with Brett's representation of our son. He was easy to reach, easy to talk with, and his suggestions and advise were very helpful to our family. To us, it seemed that we were not just a case but that we were a family he truly wanted to help.


From beginning to the end Brett Harrison, and his legal secretary Kimberly Thedford treated me with the best southern hospitality, and respect --- you could ever dream of.... I found myself battling my first criminal charge and I was impressed with the strength, diligence, and knowledge of my lawyer and staff. My legal representation and freedom was worth every last dime spent. I highly recommend Brett Harrison to fight for your rights , your FREEDOM....and welfare.

Superior Lawyer

Buck represented my grandson and achieved what I consider to be the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Buck's legal expertise is superior, but what I found most impressive was his customer service. Buck met with my grandson in jail every weekend to keep him reassured and up to date on the proceedings. Buck and his staff promptly returned my calls and emails and took the time to meet with my wife and I to discuss the legal options and potential outcomes. Buck's council helped us all through a very difficult time. Buck's paralegal Carrie Hall is a real jewel. She is extremely personable and efficient. She makes doing business with Buck's office a real pleasure.

Beyond Excellent...Outstanding and Extraordinary!! 6 Stars if Possible!

Buck Files and Brett Harrison were the attorneys for my wife and me. We were brought up on charges that were spurious at best. The charges would have cost me my job and thrust our family into bankruptcy and completely devastated us. Our attorneys went after the charges head-on and got them to not only drop the charges against us but also expunge our records. As a result, our family is secure, my job has resumed and we are stronger than ever. They stayed in touch with us consistently throughout the process. While the justice system works slow, our attorneys pushed and pushed with the right amount of pressure to get our case dropped. With an overwhelming show of forceful evidence, there was nothing the DA could do but back down. If you want an attorney who will go to the mat for you and not let up until you win, you have found them. If you want an attorney that will strike fear in the hearts of everyone, look no further than Bain, Files, Harrison, & Bain. We won't be disappointed! We owe our lives to these men. I will be forever grateful.

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